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Managed VoIP Services

Is your business phone system holding your business back from growth?

We offer Voice-over-IP Phone systems that allow your employees, customers, and vendors to collaborate from anywhere in the world.

Traditional PSTN phone systems are:

  • Expensive - multiple lines, long distance and international calls can put a huge toll on your bill
  • Inflexible - you need to rewire or reprogram phones to move people around. You also have a limited number of lines
  • Difficult to relocate - the service and the PBX must be moved and coordinated at the same time when moving offices
  • Not ideal for remote workers - a traditional PBX may not offer any/many options for making/receiving calls and checking voicemails for remote employees
  • Not ideal for multi-site businesses - many multi site phone systems each have their own phone number(s) and PBX per office. It may also be difficult to transfer calls from one office to another.

Stinkin' Digital Voice systems are:

  • Inexpensive - you'll receive among the cheapest rates for domestic, long distance, and international calls. with no server to buy, you just pay for the phones and network equipment
  • Flexible - it's easy to swap phones around - and wiring is the same as data lines
  • Easy to relocate - the system works anywhere there's an internet connection with sufficient bandwidth
  • Ideal for multi-site businesses - share a phone number across all your locations. Route and transfer calls between offices with ease.
  • Ideal for remote workers - you can even make/receive calls or check voicemails from your computer or smart phone*

You'll also have access the following features:

  • Visual Voicemail - view/listen to your voicemails from your email, computer, or smart phone.
  • IVRs (Interactive Voice Response). Set up custom recordings and menus to direct your callers to the proper person or department
  • Time Conditions and Call Flow Control - change the flow of your calls based on times and other scenarios that come up
  • Call Forwarding - Transfer calls to a cell phone or landline phone, or answer them directly from your computer or smart phone*
  • Keep your existing phone number(s)
  • SMS/MMS to email - send and receive text messages via email from your business number


"Fabulous! Will not ever deal with anyone else again. I feel like an exremely valued customer as the technician explains to me in detail what is going on with my computer then gives me a terrific rate in order to have repairs completed." Cindy Cason Aitken

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