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Does your IT guy sound like he's speaking another language? We're your local friend who can help you explain what you need and teach you how to use your technology better, in simple, friendly terms that make sense.

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what we ofFER

Founded in 2014, we are an IT and Security Service Provider serving Virginia Beach and the greater Hampton Roads area. Our team has vast experience with the items below, each with an emphasis on security.


Cyber Security is a multi-layered approach. Through Cyber Security Training, our multi-layered technology stack, and a  24/7/365 Security Operations Center (SOC), we keep your networks secure.

Access Control / AlaRMS

We offer simple access control solutions, visitor management,  interactive alarm systems, video surveillance, home/business automation, and 24/7/365 alarm monitoring.


With select Managed Service plans, our technical support team is available 24/7/365 by ticket or phone. We speak to you in friendly, professional terms a human can understand. Enjoy worry-free holidays, evenings, and weekends knowing we've got your back.


Ransomware attacks are at an all time high. A critical piece to the information security picture involves secure, off-site data backups, and a well-tested plan for business continuity and disaster recovery.


Whether your business is healthcare related and subject to HIPAA, you want to impress clients and vendors with SOC II, or you are subject to PCI DSS Level 1 requirements, our team can work with you and your security assessors to make the compliance process a breeze.

Managed NEtworks

Downtime is expensive. Allow us to manage your networks and devices, with 24/7/365 monitoring, proactive maintenance, patch management, and managed security.

Software Engineering

Have a custom workflow that there isn't a good app our there for yet? We can assist with creating a custom web application for your business. We can integrate with a variety of CRMs, APIs, webhooks, and other custom softwares to connect your systems and automate your business processes.


Need an audio/video/lighting system or conference system designed, maintained, or updated? We can help with finding a solution for your space and automation to make using your conference or assembly spaces simple and fun!

Managed VoIP (Voice-over-IP)

Is your phone system failing to meet the demands of the post-COVID world? We offer communication solutions for phone and SMS, including assistance with complicated 10DLC processes. Ask about our flexible digital communication systems that save you time and money

happy clients

Stinkin' Technology really came through for me.  Not only were they efficient with their response time but their knowledge and professionalism was outstanding.  It was comforting to find a company that truly cares about their clients!

FABULOUS!!!  Will not ever deal with anyone else again.  I feel like an EXTREMELY valued customer as the technician explains to me in detail what is going on with my computer then gives me a terrific rate in order to have repairs completed.  

Tim is a hard-working, team oriented person who is always striving for excellence. His impact on our team and Church is almost beyond measure. He always exceeded the high expectations placed on him in no matter what circumstances; in fact, it didn't matter if he was already an expert in the area or not. He always worked hard, brought new ideas and solutions to the table and succeeded.